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Do your visitors love movies or games? Add a Redbox widget to your blog or website! Choose from a list of top rentals, hit movies, hit video games, or nearby Redbox locations.

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Redbox Widgets FAQs

  1. What's a widget?

    A widget is a HTML and JavaScript application that you can install on your website or blog. It enhances your user experience by proving a useful, relevant tool. The Redbox widgets let your users see the latest movies and games available for rent, or find Redbox locations near them.

  2. What Redbox widgets are available?

    There are four different types of widgets available from Redbox:

    • Top 5, 10, or 20 hit movie rentals.
    • Top 5 movie rentals in your favorite genre (comedy, drama, horror, action or family).
    • Top 5 video game rentals by console (PS3, Wii or Xbox 360).
    • Redbox locations by ZIP code
  3. How do I get a widget on my website?

    It's easy! Copy the widget code from the box, open your HTML source-code file or blog template, click on the spot where you want to place your widget code, and paste it in.

  4. How does the widget information update?

    The widget info will automatically update weekly, so the content is always fresh and accurate for your users.

  5. Can I adjust the colors and sizes of the widgets?

    At this time, it's not possible to customize the colors and sizes of the widgets. We are working on advanced features to allow for such customization. But for now, you can customize the following:

    • The ZIP code for the locations widget.
    • The movie genre for the movie widget.
    • The game console for the games widget.